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Our expert electricians provide top-notch electrical installation services and repair services for lights and sockets. Trust us for safe and efficient solutions.

Our repair services for sockets and lights are performed by skilled electricians with years of experience. We use high-quality materials to ensure lasting repairs and follow strict safety protocols to ensure your safety. Contact us for prompt and reliable repair services for your electrical sockets and lighting fixtures.

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Importance of Professional Installation for Lighting Points - Why You Should Avoid DIY


Electrical installations must comply with building codes and regulations to ensure the safety of the occupants. DIY installation may not meet these requirements, leading to legal issues and potential risks to your property and its occupants.


Installing lighting points can be dangerous, as it involves working with electricity. A small mistake can lead to electrical shock or even fire.


Proper installation is crucial to ensure that the lighting points function efficiently and safely. DIY installation may lead to poor quality connections or insufficient insulation, which can result in frequent breakdowns and energy wastage.

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We’re Singapore Electrician professional and hdb licensed electrician, Electrician Singapore rendering our services, 24 x 7 across the island. We mainly focus on the installations and the repair and also,

Installing and repairing electrical sockets typically involves the following steps:

We provide professional installation and repair services for electrical sockets. Our team of licensed electricians can handle any type of socket, ensuring safe and efficient operation. We use high-quality materials and follow strict safety protocols to deliver reliable results. Contact us for all your electrical socket needs.

Turn off the power

Turn off the power to the circuit that you will be working on at the main electrical panel.

Remove the old socket

If you are replacing an old socket, remove it from the wall using a screwdriver. Pull the socket away from the wall and disconnect the wires from the back of the socket.

Prepare the wires

Strip the ends of the wires using wire strippers to expose the bare metal. Make sure the wires are long enough to reach the terminals on the new socket.

Connect the wires

Connect the wires to the terminals on the new socket, following the manufacturer’s instructions. The hot wire (usually black) should be connected to the brass-coloured terminal, the neutral wire (usually white) to the silver-coloured terminal, and the ground wire (usually green or bare) to the green-coloured terminal.

Attach the new socket

Secure the new socket to the wall using screws. Make sure the screws are tight but not over-tightened, as this can damage the wall or the socket.

Turn on the power

Turn on the power to the circuit at the main electrical panel and test the socket to make sure it is working properly.

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