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Electrician Services

AVV Electricals Private limited is based in Singapore, simply known as 24 Hours Emergency electrical services. We are specialist in providing one stop electrical installation. Our Maintenance will be around 24/7 Emergency Service. Our repair work is also efficient it can be done in the 24/7 services. We are different kinds of Electrical wiring services, installation and trouble shooting along with this services.

We are working in an efficient manner with 15 years experience staffs to get valuable feedback from our customers.our experienced staff are working here to fulfill the requirement of the clients. Our staffs are working professionally in all the services. AVV Electricals offering you valuable maintenance services. We are specialized in all types of electrical repairs and installation.

Avv Electricals are professional Electrician in Singapore offering you valuable and expertise services in a wide range. Electrical to Residential, Commercial and real estate client around Singapore. phone consultation charge is free for the clients. Our electrical maintenance service that includes Electrical wiring, Ceiling fan repair, Ceiling fan installation service, and electrical wiring services includes.

Electrical Services

    • ALL Electrical project, New Wiring & Rewiring, and Renovation work
    • Draw Single line, Testing, Commissioning, LEW Endorsement, and SP Submission.
    • Electrical Wiring in HDB, CONDO, Commercial Building, Industrial Wiring, and Installation Services.
    • Electrical Troubleshooting (24 Hours Emergency services)
    • Ceiling Fan Repair and Installation
    • Telecommunications wiring & installation (Intercom)
    • SCV (TV Point) DATA (Ethernet) Wiring& Installation
    • Water Heater Installation & Troubleshooting
    • Auto Gate and Auto Barrier Installation and servicing

Call us for any emergency electrical services 24×7 on +65 9169 4893, or visit us at AVV ELECTRICALS, 48 Toh Guan Road East, Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586 at any time. Or you can even mail us at
avvelectrical@gmail.com or Whatsapp at 9169 4893 and visit our site avvelectrical.com for further queries.

Welcome To Avv Electrical ServicesDo you need an Electrician in Singapore to help you with any electrical works or electrician services?

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