Ceiling Fan Repair

Avv Electricals specialized in ceiling fan repair, service and maintenance services. We Provide services with Experienced Electricians.

Ceiling Fan Repair and Services

we are experienced in fix and repair works. we repair with the following parts like speed regulator, control switch, light kits and light switch, balancing of the shaky, remote control replacement, and controlling the noisy and cranking sounds.

DO’s and DONT’s

When a fan doesn’t work at all, be sure it is receiving electrical power from its switch and from the circuit breaker or fuse box repair a light switch. Remove the light switch’s cover plate. First check the circuit breaker or fuse, then the switch.

It needs to repair the the device. First of all be sure to turn off the fan’s circuit breaker before disassembling the fan! Then Immediately call a electrical services provider. You seek a shootable for your economic condition with best service….,

Please feel free to contact us at 91694893. 

Our services include with:
  • Repairs and Installation
  • Regulator Switch Problem and Replace Pulling Control
  • Balance Troubleshoot and Services
  • Switches Repair and Replacement
  • Speed Troubleshoot and Repair
  • Check and increase Speed with Replace Electronics components
  • Remote Control Troubleshoot and Replacement
  • Lighting Troubleshoot and Replace Pulling Switch
  • Wiring Troubleshoot and Replace faulty wires


AVV Electricals are provide 3 months warranty for parts


Tips and Tricks:

The brand has a range of quality and performance. There are big differences in the performance and quality of fans each and every brand. How do you which models are the higher quality models and how do you compare fans from each brand to decide which is best for you?

We are here….,

Please feel free to contact us at 91694893. we are a good services provider in on around  our Singapore.

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