Singapore Electrician

Home, is the place where we feel secure and at peace. And, in today’s modernized world, we decorate it and furnish it as per our needs. In this process, we often overlook small works that could cause great damage such as electrical wiring. In this case we will recover with Singapore Electrician.

Many times, while building new home, renovating, rebuilding or repairing the home, people overlook they need save money, so that they seeking an electrician to hire, who may not be professionally licensed and skilled. A worn electrical wiring can lead to high damage causing home fires, short circuiting or the electricity getting cut off entirely.

Singapore Electrician

One must make a note to never cut the corners while hiring an electrician. The question may rise about. where to look for a licensed professional, who can do the best job at any time. Well, worry not, as AVV ELECTRICALS, Singapore, should the best solution for you.

When to know it’s time to call in a professional electrician?

  • When you feel worried about your electrical framework and its safety
  • If you live in a house that is more than 5-10 years old
  • When you got new electrical appliances, or if you find any rusty, old sockets
  • If you observe flickering of lights, blackouts or wires dangerously dangling out of their sockets

We’re Singapore Electrician professional and licensed electricians, rendering our services, 24 x 7 across the island. We mainly focus on the installations and the repair works and also, offer a phone call discussion service without any service fee obligations. Our main motto is to “Keep our customers Happy & Satisfied” with the best and safest of the services you can rely on.

AVV ELECTRICALS, Singapore, offers residential as well as commercial Electrical Installation, Maintenance & Repair works. We are proud to say that our work is sincere and consistent. For all the residential and commercial electrical works.

we offer our services as

  • All Electrical projects, including, new Wiring & rewiring of the space.
  • Draw Single line, Testing, Commissioning, LEW Endorsement and SP submission
  • Power Socket Installation, Ceiling Fan Installation and Balancing
  • Ceiling Fan Repairs (slow moving), Electrical Repairs, Electrical Oven repairs
  • Bulb Replacements and lighting repairs
  • Telecommunications wiring & installation (Intercom)
  • Network cabling services and Data Point installation and cable wiring contractor
  • SCV (TV Point) DATA (Ethernet) Wiring& Installation
  • Water Heater Installation &Troubleshooting
  • Auto Gate and Auto Barrier Installation and servicing

And much more..

We also have an emergency electrician available during emergencies such as:

  • Electrical Power Failure
  • Electrical wiring and Troubleshooting
  • Power Trip
  • Lighting Power Trip
  • And to replace Circuit Breaker
  • We strive to give the best of the services to our customers and keep them happy, secured and contempt with our works.

    All our electricians are professional and well trained. AVV ELECTRICALS, Singapore, guarantees services with free on site services and also a 30 Day cover on the repaired parts. If you are not happy and satisfied with our work, we provide you the money back guarantee option too!

    Call us for any emergency electrical services 24×7 on +65 9169 4893, or visit us at AVV ELECTRICALS, 100 Jalan Sultan, Singapore 199001 at any time. Or you can even mail us at or Whatsapp at 9169 4893 and visit our site for further queries.