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Singapore Electrician

Avv Electricals Pte Ltd is a Singapore Electrician, rendering 24 hours electrical services across our island. We are mainly focusing in doing the work in electrical repairs and in the installation. Our electrician service is done via phone discussion with no service fee obligation. We are contributing in giving 24 hours emergency electrical repair and troubleshoot for electrical power trip and power failure. We are mainly giving the priority to provide best and safest reliable services to our valuable clients. “Keep our customers happy and satisfied” is our mission statement.

Our Electrical works are contestant and sincere. We are specialized in both Residential and Commercial Electrical Installation, Maintenance & Repair works.

Our residential work is by repairing the electrical items such as Ceiling fan Repair (slow moving), Power Socket Installation, Electrical Oven Repair, Electrical Repair, Ceiling Fan Installation and Balancing, Lighting Repair, Bulb Replacement. Read more to get a clear way of understand about Troubleshoot Ceiling Fan and Safety Precautions.

Emergency Electrician:
Our Electrician Service is focusing in Electrical Power Failure, Electrical Troubleshooting, Electrical Power Trip, Lighting Power Trip and replace Circuit Breaker.

Guarantee and Reliable Electrician Services:
Our electrician services are very well trained and they are providing free on site services and 30 days cover on parts repaired. If you are not satisfied in our services we are having the money back guarantee option also for you.

Electrical safety
Necessary safety you have to know is you might have different kind of effect is guaranteeing and to keep your home and family feel comfort by:
1. Handling the services of authorized electrical contractual workers.
2. Go through electrical guideline persistently.
3. In the event that you are worried about your home’s electrical framework, or on the off chance that you are doing electrical work we are Guaranteeing you orchestrate electrical assessments.

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