It can be tough to figure out electrical problems by yourself. Whether you’re experiencing a
light switch issue or loose wiring, it’s best to call an electrician. It’s important to contact an
emergency electrician who specializes in resolving these issues. This way, you can avoid
any serious problems and get your electrical problem fixed ASAP.

In the event of an electrical emergency, you need a professional to come in and conduct the
necessary repairs. In the future, you can be proactive and call an electrician if you
experience any of these signs:

1. Dimming and flickering lights are a common occurrence for many homeowners, especially those who live in older homes.

When another appliance with a higher power change is turned on, it is not uncommon for the
lights to dim or flicker. However, this is sometimes a sign of a more serious issue and needs
to be fixed as soon as possible. A reliable electrician can replace the defective light fixture or
circuit board to get your lights back on.

2. If you ever see electrical sparks or flames coming out in your home, it’s time to call a professional.

Hey, your plug just let loose a big yellow spark! That’s a weird one. If that weren’t enough,
your power socket is also emitting little sparks while you’re trying to plug in other parts. This
could be a sign of bad electrical wiring in your home and you should call an emergency

3. Exposed wiring is not only a safety hazard, it doesn’t look good.

It’s dangerous to try to fix exposed wires yourself. As you know, exposed wires can be a
serious electrical problem. If your wire is exposed, simply turn off the power supply and call a
24-hour electrician or engage an electrical contractor.

4. In the past, electrical devices would make a buzzing or humming noise.

If you notice that your DB Box is buzzing or humming, call an emergency electrician. This
could be a sign that electrical issues are causing the DB Box to not function as it should and
there is a chance for electrical surges to take place. These surges pose a serious threat
when they come into contact with metal objects.

5. Electrical Devices That Smell Like They’re Burning

If you smell burning from your power socket, it’s an emergency! Yours is not the only
business with this problem. A common cause of this issue is overheating. In the meantime,
you can turn off the power, unplug all appliances, and contact an emergency electrician.

6. High utility bills

Homeowners often notice a sudden increase in their electrical bill when they have not
installed new appliances. In many cases, there may be an issue with the electrical system or
something else. It is best to contact an emergency electrician to diagnose the problem so
you can lower your electric bills.

7. Touching Electrical Devices and Getting Shocked

You’re feeling a small jolt of electricity. Don’t delay any longer than necessary to call an
emergency electrician. This is usually due to residual currents that take place because of
device damage, wiring issues, or your entire electrical system. Whatever the cause, do not
wait any longer than absolutely necessary.


These are some of the telltale signs that you need to call an emergency electrician: any
electrical problem occurring outside of standard working hours, any flickering lights, any
tripped circuit breakers, or any power surges. That’s why contacting an emergency
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